My Bichon Frise hair on his lower jaw has turned real dark, why

Tumis Fur below his mouth (lower Jaw) has turned a Dark Brown and does not wash away. Like it is stained.

Asked by Member 1151915 on Jan 25th 2013 Tagged furstainned in Health & Wellness
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It actually is a stain. The bits of food and saliva that accumulate around the dogs mouth cause lighter colored hair to turn brown or brownish red, the same goes for the fur around the eyes. Tears can also stain a dogs coat. There are several shampoos available at most pet stores that claim to restore the original color back to your dogs coat. I personally like Bluing shampoo (which is actually purple) that I purchase from my local Keddies.

Just make sure you read the labels on how to properly apply the shampoo you choose. If you need help choosing the right product consult with your vet, groomer or the staff at the pet store.

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