My 9 year old Jack Russell was just diagnosed with allergic rhinitis and was given Temaril-P which has prednisone in it.

Asked by Member 995509 on Jul 3rd 2010 in Allergies
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If you have a medical question, and have doubts about the diagnosis and treatment, you really need to consult another vet for a hands on diagnostics and examination.

Any time I have any doubts and questions, I do not hesitate to make an appointment with another vet and/or specialist

But asking layman to second guess a veterinarian with first hand experience, based on internet relay of sketchy (and in this case, NO) information is barking up the wrong tree and looking for trouble.

In this case, at the box to my right, I see a queue "how to write a good answer." And there should be a queue card on "How do I write a good question"?

Tuck answered on 7/4/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer