my 9 month old miniature schnauzer barks at everyone when we walk him and whilst indoors barks at all who pass the house

he will not listen when we try to stop him. how can I deal with this I now dread taking him walks. When we are sat in the lounge I have to draw the blinds to stop him barking at people passing Any tips on how to deal with this please

Asked by Member 974235 on Mar 16th 2010 Tagged barkingschnauzer in Behavior & Training
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Max (aka Sebastian)

mini schnauzers are very smart dogs, and when the become board they become barkey and distructive. Now that yours has become barkey you need to break the habit, now, you really need to work on your schnauzers manners and teach him to not bark.
When outside if he barks at a dog or someone, turn him around and go the other direction or go back into the house and start over when he calms down. Once he's calm try it again. You have to stay percistant and don't give up, it will take some work but it will be worth it.
Work on teaching him basic obediance, sit, down, ect. Then while in the house you can use his obedicance training to calm him down. Once he is trained you will also see a big difference in your dog.
There really isn't much room here to respond like I'd like, but there is a behavior and training forum, take your question there for more suggestions.
Good luck

Max (aka Sebastian) answered on 3/16/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Aw yes, Barky Von Schnauzer! Like Max said, training will help. But I have 2 mini Schnauzers. One only barks when he feels he must defend our place, one barks nearly all the time. She really does bark at "stuff" but she doesn't like to stop.
There are anti bark collars that squirt citronella. There are ultrasonic devices that you can set on a table. They go off when the dog barks. Trouble is any other pet has to endure the high-pitched sound. Humans can't hear it. There are outside models available too.
With that said, Zoe just barks. I feel your pain! We have moved furniture to limit her vision from the big front window that faces the road. I also close the blinds.
Don't give up though! Keep working, get some training help.
Schnauzers are really fun dogs!

Member 201551 answered on 3/16/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


motivational training is benefical.
Did you see any of victoria stillwells shows/ she had one with the same thing. Barking. And the people shut the blinds and every thing.
You can teach the dog to stop by using the Quiet command without yelling and then treat the dog. I use treats like real chicken breasts diced ect...
In time the obedience part will be better and the dog will respond to good food.
You can do this on walks. It is not a instant success thing you will have to spend some time on it and be very patient.
I think with the right food treats and some time the dog will get better.
Allow a good 6 months for good progress.
so reward any quiet moments even if it only last 3-5 seconds because that is the beginning of your dog being imprinted to hey when the word is said I get treats when I stop barking :)

Dieta answered on 3/16/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


To expand on Dieta's advice. Start by rewarding when the dog is quiet. I use the command "quiet." Say "good quiet" & treat. After awhile dog associates quiet with treats. Now use the quiet cue when he barks. As soon as he stops barking, mark & treat, even if, as Dieta said, it's only a few seconds. Keep it up. I do acknowledge what he's barking at...after all i want my dog to alert me to danger. I tell him he's a good boy & I see the man/squirrel/dog/paper cup & then use the quiet command. This one does take time, but can be done. remember not to yell the the dog it seems like you are barking with him & may intensify the problem.

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