Spudz McKenzie (aka Spudzy)

My 8 year old Pitmation (Spudz) has had horrendous separation anxiety all her life. I tried to board her twice, 2nd tim

Yes, I have seen a vet, in fact, I boarded her with my vet and she freaked out, would not eat, nor walk, I had to come and pick her up. She is super attached to me and it has become worse since her sister dog (Bull-Mastiff mix Brandy-Lyn) passed last July. I am fearful to leave her anywhere but there are times I would like to vacation without her for a few days, vet did prescrible codacalm or something like that but she acted strange............so basically I just do not leave her anywhere but home for a few hours at a time........

Asked by Spudz McKenzie (aka Spudzy) on Jan 28th 2013 Tagged separationanxiety, dalmationpitmix in Behavior & Training
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I had trouble kenneling my dog, as well. She just wouldn't calm down, tried to eat her way out, and had to be sedated to remove her mouth from the chain-link side of the kennel. Sigh.

So I began taking her to my mother's house to hang out for a few hours at a time. If I had to be gone all day, I would leave her there (with a sedative prescribed by the vet in case she got upset). Then I left her overnight and eventually for a few days. She eats less and suckers them into walking her more often then normal, but it works. Is there a trusted friend or relative that may be willing to help with this?

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