my 7y old male dog's urine is a dark brown color for the past few days, like spilled coffee, very worried.

this dog has never been sick, this dark clored urine, i noticed b/c he went on the rug and floor, and i thought i must've spilled my coffee..outside i can't tell on the ground or grass, so don't know how long he had this brown urine. Very worried especially after reading things about it..he is normal, eats , drinks acts normal and has no yellowing of gums or eyes etc. what can cause this..he is neutered.

Asked by Member 774863 on Dec 1st 2008 Tagged whyismyyoldmaledogurineturnedbrownrecently in Other Health & Wellness
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Sam ~ My best friend ~93-05

Dark brown urine is likely an indicator of blood in the urine. The cause could be anything from a bladder infection to a much more serious issue, as I found out. Please take him to the vet immediately

Sam ~ My best friend ~93-05 answered on Dec 1st.

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You should take your dog to the vet.

Dark brown urine can be indicative of a urinary infection, digestive problem, or liver disease. So it's definitely something to have the vet look at. If you can take a urine sample prior to the vet visit, that would be great, so the vet can see it and test it.

Abby answered on 12/1/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer