My 7 month old Australian Kelpie got neutered yesterday and now has blood in his stools. Help.

Recently he also had a diet change which we found out actually is horrible food so will need to do a change back, also besides the blood his poop seems normal. He is acting as fine as can be besides being a little sore and very upset with the cone on his head. He is still eating and drinking alot and trying to play with our other dog. Does anyone have an idea what this could be from? I am calling the vet today so he will be going in I was just looking for what to expect when we go. Thank You.

Asked by Member 1136442 on Oct 18th 2012 in Emergencies & First Aid
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Very often dogs DO exhibit blood in their stool after traumatic or stressful events, which neutering coupled with anesthesia and being away from home certainly is.
Unlike humans, blood in the stool of a dog is not terribly uncommon due to the shortened digestive tract. It is also not an immediate danger signal as it is in humans, unless it continues or becomes constant along with diarrhea.
Feeding a bland diet for a day or two is usually all that is necessary to bring his bowels back to normal.

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