My 6yo catahoula mutt is exhibiting weird behavior. She is "farting" when she sits, has peed (I think) on me/couch, lick

she seems surprised/distressed by the fart like it just leaked out. I don't notice smell all the time but have been offering out as much as possible after. Also she has been licking quite a while at vagina which we have treated with antibiotics and seen it look better, licking subside but then it has resumed recently. I always thought small wet spot when she got up was from licking but last week some liquid( didn't exactly smell Ike pee) came from her onto me and couch. This was day after I found puddle on carpet Confounding all I have a 12yo lab Dane with rear end nerve damage who no longer knows when he needs to poop until its happening. All this and I wonder whether neighbor kicking 6 yo to break up fight his dog started could have damaged little girl dog. And secondly since our baby born i think she has gone on binges eating leaves of spath in nursery. Help?!?

Asked by Member 1143173 on Nov 30th 2012 Tagged licking, farting, kick in Health & Wellness
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Sounds like she needs a trip to the vet!!! Could be anal gland issues. Anal glands are scent glands that are along the anus, for whatever reason, they sometimes get plugged and irritated. They contain a foul, fishy smelling liquid which "leaks" when the glands are plugged.
Another issue, since you don't mention if she is spayed or not, could be a uterine infection. This can be extremely serious and even fatal if not treated immediately!!!!
If either is the case, she needs to see a vet for diagnosis, cultures and proper antibiotic prescription.

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