My 6mo Rhodesian Ridgeback is all of a sudden scared of his crate! Tips?

My 6 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback was just neutered, and while he was in his cone the first day he tried to enter his crate and got stuck and obviously quite frightened. He used to love his crate and would go in the moment we told him to. He slept on his bed in our room for a week, and now the stitches are out and Id like to put him back in his crate. When we tried, we lay down the floor and even growled at us. I know he will go in the crate with a Kong filled with peanut butter but I dont want to have to feed him everytime. Will this go away over time?

Asked by Olsson on Feb 11th 2010 Tagged crate, scared in Behavior & Training
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I would keep feeding inside it and I would leave the kong everyday.
I don't have this problem anymore with a rescue but she gets something everyday. It is just a good thing. And I think the dog being a puppy needs--- to have a chew item. It is going to great physically and mentally for him to have each time something to chew on :)

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I never put any one of my dogs into a crate without some sort of a treat or kong. Usually it is just a small dog biscuit or even a handful of their kibble. Events such as you are describing happen too frequently. Any dog who is always expecting a treat to crate will be much less likely to "blame" the crate for any problem if he should get frightened by something.

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