My 6 year old JRT has nystagmus, but that's the only symptoms. Could it be a tumor?

In Oct 2012, my dog was diagnosed with swollen lymph nodes which were treated with anti-biotics. However, part through the treatment, my dog had Nystagmus. We rushed him to the vet but he reassured us, and said it's likely it's a neurological problem. He had blood test done and it all came back normal. He then had nystagmus again a month later (by then the lymph nodes were back to a normal size) and now the nystagmus occurs every other week. It lasts about 10mn, with an horizontal movement. He is a little wobbly on his legs, I assume because he cannot see properly. He has no other symptom, no head tilt, no falling down, etc. He eats and drink normally. Our vet says we have to do an MRI scan but it's too expensive and may not give us any answer. I looked into Vestibular syndrome and the nystagmus seems to correspond to the peripheral VS as the horizontal nystagmus remains horizontal when he lies down on his back. However, he has none of the other symptoms of the VS. Any suggestion?

Asked by Member 1155240 on Feb 14th 2013 Tagged jrt, jackrussell, nystagmus, tumor in Illness & Disease
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I would wonder if he wasn't suffering from a form of seizure activity. It would make sense due to the shortness of the period of eye issues and the longer periods of normal between. Not much you can do in the way of diagnoising it, but if that is what he has it most likely is something that will continue, but not necessarily get worse.
It would be interesting to try a trial period of anti seizure meds such as phenobarbitol and see if it stopped.

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