My 6 year old border collie still soils in the house every morning when we get up - how do we stop this.

Asked by Member 1105140 on Apr 10th 2012 in Behavior & Training
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well i have a puppy who does not soil in the house. she sleeps in her crate at night, sometimes i take her out in middle of night but otherwise i take her straight out in the mornings. you may try restricting her water at night and if you already do that, then take it away a little earlier.

Raven answered on 4/10/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


How long has the dog been doing this? How long have you had the dog? Was it ever house trained? If this is new, has anything changed?
Crate trained? free fed? Is he getting too much, low quality food? How late is he let out to toilet at night? How long a time is he expected to hold it?

Would you say he is calm, easy going or nervous, skittish?

Is his stool normal, well formed, OR foul smelling, greasy, soft, pale or greenish colored?

Review potty training, NEVER punish or scold, use rewards and praise when he poops outside.

Feed twice a day. Consider a higher calorie food and cut the portions to match his current intake. Remove food 3- 4 hours before his last walk of the night, make sure he poops! Get him out first thing in the morning, no longer than 8-10 hours. Crate or gate in a small area so he won't soil his sleeping area. If his stool isn't normal see the Vet ASAP.

Pepper answered on 4/11/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer