My 5 year old beagle is very sick and the vet says he's just dehydrated.

I have a 5 year old beagle who is very sick. He has been breathing heavily off and on, seems very weak and un steady, he shakes like he's in pain, he has no energy and acts depressed, and this morning he walked to the center of the room and yelped out in pain while standing in a weird perfectly still way. Nothing is broken or injured. He also has had a strange rash on his butt for a couple of weeks, but when his anal glands were squeezed they weren't impacted or infected. he is overweight so the vet did a full blood work up on him but everything (kidney, thyroid, red and white blood cells, etc.) came back normal except that he is dehydrated, which isn't shocking since he is pretty much refusing to eat or drink. My vet thinks he is fine and doesnt want to do anything else but I know this is more then mild dehydration. My normally happy playful dog is laying on the floor right now shaking. Does anybody have a clue what's wrong with him?

Asked by Member 1153983 on Feb 6th 2013 Tagged sick, beagle, dehydrated, help in Illness & Disease
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Sorry to hear this. I would go to an emergency vet clinic & get them to push iv fluids into him. Did your vet know that he was not eating/drinking & showing pain? If he did know & did nothing, shame on him. If he did not know this, you should have told him.
The loss of appetite, lethargy, panting, pain..all indicate something is seriously wrong. E-vet now if your regular vet is closed.

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I'd be very quickly taking him to another vet. Has he been regularly vaccinated? Ring the nearest vet hospital .

Member 1148112 answered on 2/7/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

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Not all vets are created equal. If he is dehydrated, then he's not fine. That means there is something wrong and he needs to be treated. I would take him to a different vet. Good Luck!

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This sounds much worse then being dehydratied. I think I also would look into another vet for advice

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