My 4 month old mini schnauzer puppy just tried to bite my daughter.

We got a 4 month old puppy last weekend from a breeder. He's very timid, no energetic dog, will just lay around on the bed. Since we got him he has never even barked or growled. Tonight my 5 yr old daughter got on the bed to pet him. He instintly growled and tried to bite her. I came over to the bed (I was in the room) and she was leaning over me and the puppy lunged at her to bite her again. It was not playing or mouthing, it was aggression. We don't let him mouth us when he does we give him a toy and remove our hands. I'm not sure what to do, my daughter is afraid of him now. My husband thinks he was trying to claim the bed and didn't want her on the bed. He has been check out by a vet a day after we got him, so nothing is physically wrong. Any advice is greatly apprecieted. Thank you.

Asked by Member 958705 on Feb 5th 2010 Tagged puppy, bitting, child, aggression in Aggression
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Do you know your puppies background, as in how well his breeders socialized him and exposed him to family life?? It sounds like he is way under socialized. I would contact a good behaviorist ASAP and get your dog and your family started on some sort of training program so he can learn how to interact and your family can learn how to deal with his behavior issues.
The smaller terriers can be quite pushy and this can be made MUCH worse without proper puppy socialization and upbringing. At best, they can be difficult with small children, without proper socializing and upbringing, this can become a major problem. It isn't too late to get him some help, but, at four months old, you will need to get some professional help immediately, IMO.

answered on Feb 6th.

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