My 3 yr. old Beagle is a hassle when the doorbell rings or someone knocks on the door.

My 3 yr. old Beagle is a hassle when the doorbell rings or someone knocks on the door. He sprints toward the door and howls and barks at the person outside the door. Sometimes he scares the person. I want to get him to stop it, but i don't know how.

Asked by Member 991611 on Jun 10th 2010 Tagged doorbell, howling, beagle in Barking
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Judging by this & your other question it sounds like your dog needs some serious training. he is a beagle, and they are vocal dogs, but you can work on having him sit, away from the door, and he does not get to greet guests until he is calm & quiet. Teaching quiet is a bit tough, but can be done. Mark & reward when the dog is quiet, even for a few seconds. Work towards adding more time & a verbal "quiet." Like I said, this one takes time. You probably would do better with having him sit and no attention until he is calm & sitting.

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that sounds pretty normal for us. I want my dogs to bark at the door if someone comes. But, I can also open the door and let them in.
I would incorporate your dog into an obedience class program for beginners.Without training and obedience is going to be hard to get your dog to listen to you.
You should have the control to say enough and go lay down or find a mat to lay on. It will take time and practice. If you are willing to do the work your dog and you will reap from the benefits of training. It will be good for both of you.
You will also need to walk your dog at least three times a day. This dog maybe becoming bored and is falling into the barking and misbehaving routine. It is time to break that chain. good luck

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Have someone go outside and ring the doorbell. As your Beagle runs to the door and starts barking, get some treats and have him sit. Say "Quiet" in a firm voice, but never yell at him. Use a visual command to, such as putting your hand up in front of him while saying "Quiet". If he stops for at least 2 or 3 seconds, praise him with a treat. Tell him "stay" or have him go lay down somewhere if possible. Open the door. If your Beagle still does not bark, praise him again. This will take consistent training. Keep practicing everyday. Eventually, all you will have to do is say "Quiet" and your Beagle should stop. Remember that Beagles are dogs that howl and bark a lot. It's normal for a dog to do this. They are just protecting their family and letting you know someone is at the door. Good luck!

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I am jumping on board with the others. Your dog needs some basic obedience training, and then progress to other things.

Having him on a leash when you know someone is coming over is one way to keep him from charging the door. It is ok to let him bark (he will anyway as he is a beagle), but you need to teach him to stop after so many barks.

Many people will leash their dog and then loop the leash around the leg of a heavy piece of furniture. Not sure if that is the best thing, but it keeps him from charging.

We have taught our dog that the doorbell means a squeaky ball (which she is obsessed with). That is the only time she plays with a ball in the house. She barks a few times, then we throw a squeaky ball and she chases it, which preoccupies her so the guest(s) can come in the door. For her, doorbell=squeaky ball.

You tend to train him that the doorbell means good things. You need to find something that works for YOUR dog. Regardless, obedience is a must.

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