My 3 month old Lab Pup still isn't potty trained is this normal, how do I potty train her??? HELP!

She'll just pee and poo in the house, even when before we bring her inside we'll take her out she'll just do it inside.

Asked by Leila on Oct 3rd 2008 in House Soiling
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Shayne CGC, RL2

12 weeks which is very young.

I really suggest crate training puppies. You can find a lot of info on good crate training online --this doesn't have enough space.

Make sure you are cleaning where she is going in the house with an enzyme remover like Nature's Miracle. If you just use carpet cleaner you are leaving the smell of the waste and they often go where it smells appropriate and when you dont clean it well they will continue to go in that area.

If you feed on a schedule you can approximate when she'll need to potty so you can take her out at appropriate times to encourage the DESIRED behavior or you can keep her crated until that time so you can really get her to potty outside.

Keep her tethered to you so she can't ever really go w/o you seeing and stopping her and putting her outside to finish. If she starts to go, startle her (just to startle enough to stop the flow) then pick her up and take her out, let her finish outside then give LOTS and LOTS of praise. be consistent

Shayne CGC, RL2 answered on 10/4/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 3 Report this answer


my dog is 1 year old and still isn't fully house-broken. it is normal.

Pugsy answered on 10/4/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Chanel (Rehomed)

Trust me this is normal, please don't worry. GO back to crate training and that's how my pups got potty trained.

Chanel (Rehomed) answered on 10/4/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I like crate training as well. It really does make potty training much easier. One of the biggest mistakes people make when crate training, however, is they use a crate that is too big. The crate should only be big enough for the pup to stand up, turn around and lie down.

There are a lot of different scenarios to cover with p.t., but the basics are:

1) take your pup out immediately after meals, after waking from a nap, & whenever there are cues that she needs to go (sniffing, circling, etc.).

2) go out with your pup & make sure she "goes" outside and praise her IMMEDIATELY when she does so.

3) if you CATCH your pup squatting in the house, make a disruptive noise, as this will startle her & cause muscle tension, interrupting her "business." Immediately scoop up your pup & take her outside. Wait with her outside til she "goes" & praise immediately! (If she has an oops and you did not witness it, you just have to clean it up & move on.)

check your pmail also

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Indiana Jones

Know the signs. Hi, I also have a 3 month old lab that is in training. While I agree that at 3 months it's normal to have a few accidents, in my expierience the pup should be nearly fully house trained. It's important to know how long and when the pup needs to go out. This is the part that makes having a puppy quite a chore, haha. As a general rule, a 3 month old puppy can hold it for 3, sometimes 4 hours. Crate training IS a great way to help house train (it helps teach them how to hold it). Also, watch out for the signs of when the pup needs to go. Usually this means sniffing, circling....when you see this make a sharp noise and quickly bring your pup outside. Also, puppies normally need to go after they eat/drink, after a nap, and after some play time. If your dog doesn't have an accident in 6 weeks, it's considered trained

Nature's Miracle is a great enzyme killer to get rid of the smell of urine. Also, try a potty post to put outside in the area you want him to go

Indiana Jones answered on 10/4/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


We found consistency to be the key in addition to everything everyone else mentioned about crate training and knowing the signs.

Start taking her out every hour on the hour so she doesnt have the chance to go in the house. Then you must praise her profusely and give her tons of treats when she does go outside. She'll eventually get the drift that it's a good thing to do her business outside. Are you using a key phrase to let her know she needs to go? We used "Go Potty" and we'd repeat it over and over until the dog went.

Layla answered on 10/4/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I have 2 chihuahua's and a yorkie puppy. These are difficult breeds to housetrain but I have found a method that has worked for me. I keep them in an inclosed area the first 6 months of life unless I can watch them. They have their beds, food, and in the corner their potty pads. Whenever they go I reward and praise them. The good thing is they potty train themselves this way. When I got my puppy yorkie I wanted her closer to us and I wanted to be able to see when she went, so I set her up in our master bathroom with a baby gate and after a couple of months I allowed her complete freedom of the house and watched her. Everytime she had to go... no matter where she was in the house she would run to her little area and go. She is 9 months and just recently had surgery and almost died and she still went in her little area. I did nothing at all but keep her there and only let her out with complete supervision and praise her everytime she went on her pads. It is an easy method and has worked.

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