My 3 mo old Yorkie yelps every time she pees. Prolly UTI. I want to give her one of those AZO pills to numb things. Ok?

I saw the vet's nurse today, and she said to wait a few days, but I can't stand her being in pain. :(

Asked by Member 1194610 on Oct 15th 2013 in Health & Wellness
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Pineapple Smushface

First off, puppies that young don't have full immunity yet, so she needs her three sets of puppy shots. When you bring her in for that the vet can take a look at anything else that is going on with your pup. You probably should heed dosing instructions, because your dog may need testing before being allowed another prescription of anything. The dog could be sick from the mother... if you bought your dog from a responsible breeder, the pups come with a health guarantee. ^_^

Pineapple Smushface answered on 1/15/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer