My 2 year old dog poops inside when he has diarrhoea whilst we are asleep, even though he is trained to poop outside!

My 2 year old husky Simba, poops in the house about once a month only when he has diarrhoea. He knows that he should not and he will always does his business outside and let's us know when he wants to go outside. He sleeps downstairs in the hall way and doesn't know how to get upstairs. He doesn't bark when he needs a poop at night but we have heard him cry but this rarely wakes us up. He eats at about 6:30pm and we always let him outside before he sleeps. Can you help?

Asked by Member 1165911 on Apr 19th 2013 Tagged husky, poop, inside, trained, night, diarrhoea, bark, cry, downstairs in Behavior & Training
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