My 2 English bulldogs keep fighting eachother :-( Please help!

I have 2 english bulldogs (1male/1fem) and my boyfriend has one french bulldog(male). Since a few weeks we are living 2gether but the 2 male dogs keep fighting eachother. I had bulldogs for many years now and i know how to be a leader for my dogs but with this i just cant handle them both. We try to correct them both, like we have seen on the dogwhisperer; by laying them flat on the ground in submissive position next 2 eachother. But they keep startin the fights. They fight about toys, food, attention or sometimes just a look or no apparent reason. We are consequent but is doesnt seem 2 work.we don't know what we r doin wrong. When we are away from home we keep them apart but for the most part we kinda force them 2 live 2gether and not keep them apart. Can anybody give us advice? We really dont know what to do but we dont want to seperate them or even worse have 2 find a new house for one of them:-(Please help us by giving us advice in this. Please respond! They r all neutered/cast.

Asked by Member 596780 on Feb 25th 2008 Tagged bulldogs, agression in Behavior & Training
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Miss Buddie

Are they neutered? It could be that they're fighting over the attention of the fair lady.

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~Emma~ RL1

Gosh, I don't know about that hole rolling the dog over- that just seems really intimidating to me, and not sure how that "establishes dominance", but maybe a wiser dog can comment on that. You might institute NILIF. Nothing in Life is Free. Just google that. You might also keep them exercised. I understand you have to be careful about overexertion but maybe if their pooped they won't have the energy to squabble. Keep them seperated when you cannot directly watch them. Don't let them have bad experiences together. Try clicker training.

Lastly maybe they just need to get used to each other. Good Luck!

~Emma~ RL1 answered on 2/25/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Ever read on the dog whisperer shows that you aren't supposed to attempt his methods at home? There's a reason for that!

I totally agree with the NILIF philosophy. Also try some pack bonding activities like taking walks together. The two males need to associate good things with each other, not corrections and punishments. Stand between the dogs so that they can't get to one another, physically block them if they try. Treat and praise for calm behavior, keep this up for a long time. You need to keep a sharp eye on them to stop them before they start a fight. Do short training sessions of treating and praising for calm behavior so they associate each other with good things, & you can increase the amount of time between treats so they are only getting treated when the look at one another or calmly interact with one another. If they are fighting over toys, affection, etc. you need to take the toys away when they fight or stop the affection until calm. Fix them if they aren't.

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Have they been to obedience training? If so, put on their leads and do some work with them together. Heel, sit, turns,face to face crossovers, etc. When they are under control, put them in a normal down facing each other only a few inches apart. Be prepared to reprimand immediately if either moves. If they can make a minute, go crazy with praise and treats.
Sasha thought a little brown ShihTzu was a squirrel and this worked.
Plus all the other posters had good advice.
When I brought home a Esky/coyote to be a companion to my Sib/wolf, my knowedgeable vet tech warned me to never expect them to share balls and bones. Not an issue with them, but good advice.
Feed them side by side and be prepared to deal with one who moves toward the other's dish.
Figure out who is dominant (probably the female) and do everything for her/him first.
I correct with my girls with a low, "Naaaa". They seem to get the message. Try to sound like an angry mother dog. Good luck.

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Haus R.I.P. my boy I miss you

Well if you have been a long time Bully owner then you should really know that this is the approprate time to seek some professional help.Bully breeds are nothing to fool around with when you have big issues.And if you and your boyfriend intend on living together "till death do you part" then you really need to search for some help for the dogs.If you were to fast on your introductions into one anothers houses then your dogs are stressed,more so then you will ever think.It doesn't matter if you are the best pet owner in the world,dogs will get stressed and you need to be prepared to deal with it as soon as it comes up. Your boyfriend still needs to spend time with his dog seperate from you spending time with yours.He should walk his and you should walk your.A tired dog is a happy dogs.Tired meaning mentally and physically!!No rolling over method will help your dogs.Find someone that knows what they are doing and with Bully breeds as well. Good Luck.

Haus R.I.P. my boy I miss you answered on 2/25/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer