My 1 year old GSD/Dobie mix recently started to pace between 3-5am

Duke is about 1 year, GSD/Dobbie mix. We adopted him at 6 months. He has been doing great w/ training, eats California Natural in the am & pm, gets at least two 45 minute-2 hour walks a day, has lots of playtime with our other dog. His first 5 months with us he slept through the night fine then about a month ago, with no other changes to account for aside from the weather (in MN), he started waking up between 3 & 5am and pacing about. He used to sleep on a dog bed in my room (door closed). After the pacing started I tried crating him but he flopped around and cried alot. I then opened the door, he now chooses to sleep in the living room but then starts to wander the house at the same time. I've tried letting him out to potty, giving him a puzzle toy at onset of pacing, walking him later in the evening, closing him out of my room, and it all garners same results. The toy helps the most so I assume he's bored/wants a job, but its too early to keep up with. Ideas?!

Asked by Duke on Dec 13th 2012 Tagged behavior, pacing, boredom in Other Behavior & Training
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That's a tough one. My guy used to think 5:30 was a good time to wake me up. What has worked for me is pretending to be asleep. I keep my eyes closed..even when the pointy nose is in my face..or the hot breath is on my neck. If he persists I say "No..not time to get up! Nappy time!" All the while my eyes are still shut. He eventually went back to sleep for awhile. The first couple of weeks it took a long time to settle down again, but with time I am now able to sleep until 7:30!
If I open my eyes..that sends some weird signal to him that I am indeed awake & would love a 95 pound dog jumping on my stomach so he can lick my face. lol

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