My 1 year old dog isn't eating!

I have a Louisiana Catahoula, he just turned 1 and he usually eats everything in sight; my mom's cat food, the baby's food, etc. I have been feeding him the same brand since he was a puppy: Earth's Pride Pet All Natural New Zealand Lamb and Potato. Okay, so a few days ago I ran out of dog food without realizing it, and couldn't make it to the store to get more until the following night, so I grabbed a small cheap bad of stop n shop Companion on my way home. He refused to touch it which I thought was strange because he will eat anything. Anyway, the following night I was able to pick up his regular food, but he's barely touched that either. It's been two days and he hasn't finished one bowl. My husband lets him out to go potty but doesn't remember if he's had a bowel movement or not. But he's still been drinking a lot of water and peeing, and hasn't vomited at all. And he's still his hyper, happy self, although he has been barking more than usual.
Any help before I run him to the vet?!

Asked by Member 1185049 on Aug 11th 2013 Tagged noteating, food, health in Emergencies & First Aid
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