My 18 month old mini-Aussie is aggressive towards some puppies. Any advise on how to discourage this?

My mini Aussie plays very well with most dogs off leash. Every once and a while he will meet a puppy ( any dog under a year I would say) and attack him. He has never hurt one of these dogs, he doesn't seek them out it is usually if they come up to him but it needs to stop! It does not happen with all puppies, just some. Any advice to deal with such a behaviour would be great nothing I have done to date is working. I need some fresh ideas! Thanks in advance.

Asked by Member 1149950 on Jan 14th 2013 Tagged miniaussie, puppy, aggression in Aggression
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Hard to say why this happens without seeing the behavior.

A few vague ideas could be; Gender, another male puppy and him trying to assert their dominance. Age,a younger or older dog, and he is testing his boundries. And territory. If he lashes out in an area that you commonly walk him, he could just be trying to defened what he thinks is his, including you.

Even though it doesn't happen all the time try to have him on a leash prior to the event. If he lashes out you will have him on the leash and that will give you control. Don't be embarrassed. Try to keep him around the other dog but too far to meet. Just walk with the other dog if possible, many feet away. Get him trained in basic obdidence commands and use these opportunities as a good distraction until he can focus through them.

Hope that helps. For more information on family dogs acting aggressively and videos on dog intelligence, please visit best

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My 17 month old dog does this as well. She is at her worst with puppies between 4 and 6 months of age. Under 4 months old, the puppy can abuse her to no end and she will take it. Just lays on her back and lets the puppy chew her ears and jump all over her. At about 4 months, if the puppy shows any form of disrespectful behaviour, my dog will attack it. She doesn't hurt the puppy, but does roll it to his back and holds it there till it's calm. It's her way of saying that the puppy's behaviour was inapproriate.

Some dogs just can't handle the crazy puppy energy and need to stop it. I do a lot of off leash walking in trails with my dog and when i see a puppy coming by, I will let her say hi for 1-3 seconds and will then call her to me in a fun way (where's your stick!?!) so that she runs to me before she has a chance to try and correct the puppy's behaviour.

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