My 15 year old dog got into trash 2 days ago, she had a bowel movement yesterday, but none since! No appetite! Help!

My roommates cleaned out the fridge so there was a lot of bad food in the trash. After cleaning up the mess, she ate some of her regular food that night, and in the morning she had a normal bowel movement. But since then she has refused to eat. She won't even eat her treats that she loves so much! She also has not had another bowel movement. She is very lethargic. I don't have money for the vet, is there something I can give her without spending a lot of money. I hear Pepto bismol, but she doesn't have diarrhea, appears she is constipated. What can I do? Please help!

Asked by Member 1141924 on Nov 23rd 2012 in Senior Pet
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I would give the vet a call to see what he or she Suggests. if your dog ate only food, an obstruction is unlikely. She's probably just not feeling well, and giving her Pepcid (in the appropriate dosage for her weight) may help. You might try to coax her with broth or a mix of white rice (not the instant kind) and unseasoned cooked ground beef. Going a day without a bowel movement, especially when a dog is also not eating,isn't unheard of. Also, these are dogs: they eat poop and roadkill. If she's drinking and piddling in the meantime, she's probably fine. That said, if she doesn't eat for DAYS, seems like she's in pain, develops a fever, or her gums become pale, you have a big problem.

Libby answered on Nov 25th.

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She could have a blockage, this can KILL HER!! YOU REALLY NEED TO GET HER TO THE EMERGENCY VET NOW!!

Obi answered on 11/23/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I am not very sure if its just constipation or if she is suffering from some other problem still I can suggest a commonly used stimulant laxative called bisacodyl (Dulcolax). The dose for dogs is 5 mg to 20 mg per day.
Good Luck!

Member 1107927 answered on 11/24/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer