My 15 month old jack russell bitch gets all excited and nips me when i get home or when we are playing, but not my hubby

I've got a lovely Jack Russell bitch and she has been fantastic in all her training, even though we are still working on her recall a bit, she gets distracted when there are other dogs around and just wants to play, but other wise i could not ask for a better dog. The nipping has always been around since she was small, when I climbed the stairs she used to nip my anckles, she still does on and off, but its the excited nipping when I come home from work or when we are playing that realy hurts, as it leaves bruises. I seam to notice that most of the times this happens when my husband is around. She is very much daddys girl. So is this a play thing or is she trying to dominate me ???? I must say it only happens when she gets excited.
Any advice would be great.

Asked by Member 1118960 on Jul 4th 2012 in Jumping Up
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Nipping, like you said, is a dominance issue. She may not be playing at all when she nips. It could mean she's actually anxious about you being together with your husband.
Make sure she knows that you are also boss, and not just your husband. Excitement can be toned down when you approach your dog. If you come home and you squeal and say hi to her, she will be too excited. If you leave your house, and you squeal and say bye to her, she will be too excited and could use that pent up energy to nip you when you return.

Ideally, when you play with her, be calmer. JRT's are very hyper, and need a lot of exercise. Walk your dog often and go on lengthy walks. Just you, don't bring your husband. Both you and your husband need to create a calmer environment, so she doesn't release her anxiety and pent up energy into nipping you.

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