my 15 month old bouvier growl and sometimes pushes my husband in the eve or early morning when I am in bed in bedroom.

My Bouvier had fear issues and we hired a behavourist from the beginning. She has come a long way since but this issue started a few months back and it seems to be getting more frequent. She plays with and loves my husband, yet when I am in the bedroom she gets weird and that is when she starts up growling and acting possessive upon his entry and also when he exits the bathroom. We spend a lot of time with her and she is in a canine good citizen class even though we know she wont pass the test, we feel it is good for her in other ways. She does not like strangers reaching out to her and does not like kids. She was not people socialized when we got her at 11months. We have been working very hard and have a routine when people come over . We don't let them look, touch or talk to her. That has worked with getting her used to our friends. I really do want to address this issue with my husband.

Asked by Gigi on May 13th 2013 Tagged growlingathusbandinbedroommontholdbouvierdesflandres in Other Behavior & Training
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A Bouvier is bred to be a protective, working guard dog. It sounds like she is doing the job she was bred for.
I would suggest continuing work with a CERTIFIED, VETERINARY behaviorist, and considering not allowing her to sleep in the bedroom until you have resolved this issue.
Be aware that as she matures these protective type issues will also mature and become more of a problem since this is programmed into her genetic makeup.
Behavioral training can help teach you to deal with her issues, but no training is going to overwrite genetics, no matter how hard you try. She is what she is, and you can only learn to deal with these guarding issues as safely as possible.
Bouviers are not born being couch potato, dog park loving, kid safe, social butterflies and forcing her to fit into this mold with only end badly, both for her and for you.

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