My 12 yr old cocker spaniel has cataracts. I've read of drops that help shrink the cataracts.

Has anyone ever heard of these drops for cataracts or tried them on their dog.

Asked by Oliver on Oct 29th 2007 in Medications
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I know they have them for humans (my grandfather who has cataracts has used them). not sure about using them on a dog, but it's certainly something to ask them about. many human medicines are used on pets, so I wouldn't be surprised if you could. they are very easy to use, and it just takes 1 drop a couple of times a day.

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Lily CGC, passed away 11/24/11

When we worked with a veterinary opthamologist for Lily's cataracts we were told of such drops but were told that they were extremely expensive and didn't work very well or reliably. They do have a surgery to remove cataracts and replace the lens with a prosthetic lens, restoring your dog's vision greatly. Unfortunately when we looked into the surgery we found that Lily has a genetic condition resulting in retinal degeneration, making her ineligible for the surgery.
Because we can't correct her cataracts we've been trying to slow them. Our veterinarian recommended giving Lily canine vitamins containing antioxidants as some studies had shown them to slow cataract progression. We have been giving her a daily vitamin and while I can't say for sure that they've done anything they certainly haven't hurt. This of course only slows the cataracts (if it does anything.) Your best bet is surgery if it is available to you.

Lily CGC, passed away 11/24/11 answered on 10/30/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Removal is the only way to get rid of the cataracts. It is usually complete and permenant. It is very rare for a cataract to redevelop in the same eye if it was removed correctly. Surgery usually involves making a small incision in the eye and injecting a solution that turns the cataract to jelly which is then suctioned out. Lens replacement is possible but can be very expensive, especially considering the cataract removal itself can run $2,000-$3,000! Drops may temporarily reduce the inflamation caused by cataracts and may thus improve eyesight a little but they can not erradicate the cataract or stop it from maturing over time. They MAY slow things down but, removal is the only way to rid your pet of them.

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