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Mouthy Mini-Poodle who pulls is driving his mom crazy, and he embarrasses her in public

My Mini-Poodle is a puller first and foremost, so I got him a pinch collar so he wouldn't choke himself out during walks. Hes also super wound up and looks like a tightly wound spring during his walk. Also he's also very vocal while hes out and about. Often time while I'm walking him, and he sees someone down the street, he starts with the high pitch yip, it gets so bad, that people stop and stare to see if he's being hit or kicked, he got that sound that people use as a sound effect for a dog being hit by a car. I know the pinch collar works somewhat to stop the pulling, but a friend told me to yank him sideways when hes yipping, to put him off balance so the stops yipping and gets his balance, she didn't know I have a pinch collar for him and I dont think it would be safe to yank him like that. Any other suggestions? He also has no interest in food/treats while on walks, as I discovered while trying to use Beggin Strips to train him outside (works for inside training tho)

Asked by Bazgim (Ojibway for Sweetheart on Apr 18th 2013 Tagged yipper, mouthy, minipoodle in Behavior & Training
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Sigh. First of all..ditch the pinch collar. It sounds like he needs more exercise & more training. Do not yank him. Work on loose leash walking. You say treats work inside? Then they will work outside. Find a higher value treat.
Or use the "be-a-tree" technique. Start off with a happy "let's walk" then as SOON as he pulls, you stop. Wait him out. Eventually he will stop pulling & the leash will slacken. Immediately mark/treat/praise. Then start again with your cue. It will take time & you may not make it very far. But poodles are wicked smart & he will quickly learn that pulling means walk stops.
Training will help tire out his mind. Playing ball will tire out his body.
Try a harness instead of a collar.
As for the yipping..suck it up. You shouldn't care what others think.
Above all..don't give up..he is depending on you to help him be the best he can be.

Member 904338 answered on 4/18/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Hi there.

1.) Remove the pinch collar. I don't feel this is a safe tool for a small dog like this -- you can cause trachea damage. Try a front-clipping no-pull harness instead, such as the Freedom, SENSE-ation or EZ Walk.

2.) If your dog is not taking treats during the walk, but likes them elsewhere, sounds like he is over threshold/over-stressed from what he's being distracted by. Practice loose leash walking somewhere boring like your living room or backyard before moving on to high-stress/high distraction situations outdoors.

3.) Apart from working on loose leash, practice de-sensitizing him to these things outside that are making him freak out. You need to start at a far enough distance where he is not reacting, then slowly work your way closer over several sessions, always rewarding when he does not react.

Good luck!

Kolbe answered on 4/18/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I would switch out the pinch prong collar for a halter or a harness. This is a tiny, little dog. To be honest, I would probably yelp if I were wearing a pinch collar, too. Pulling on the leash doesn't help matters, to be honest. I like the "tree method" or I just ignore silly behavior and keep walking. If the dog wants to walk (and she does), she'll cut it out and come along with me. At most, I have this sound I make, kind of like an "ah!" when she does something that's unacceptable. Having heard it for so long, she knows when she hears that noise that she should stop what she's doing. Lots of praise and happy talk when he's walking nicely will provide a contrast that he'll notice.

Dogs will embarrass you. Huskies scream like you're killing them when they don't like what you've said. If people are judging me, I just don't care and you shouldn't, either. If people give you looks or say anything, just smile and make a quip about your dog being in training.

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