Mother English Bulldog aggressive with her 12 wk old female puppy.

A friend of mine bought a 'mother' and puppy English bulldogs about 2 months ago. Now, the mother who has been fine around the now 12 week old pup has become very aggressive with the puppy to the point of drawing blood when ever the master of the house is around. Why? What should they do to stop the behavior? My suggestion was a whistle. Every time she shows aggression to the puppy blow the whistle to distract her and reward her with a treat when she comes to her owner.

Asked by Member 799632 on Feb 1st 2009 in Aggression
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My suggestion is to find a reputable trainer/behaviorist who can observe and diagnose this problem. Some mother dogs get aggressive when they feel over-burdened by the demands of motherhood. Does the mother have the ability to freely get away from her puppy for some alone time?
I don't know why the presence of the master of the house would trigger mother-to-pup aggression, but a behaviorist would be able to observe and make recommendations.
I am concerned that the puppy will end up with some major socialization problems, especially if she is an "only child." Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., is a world-famous behaviorist. In one book, she
writes about the problems experienced by dogs who have no littermates to teach them manners. and boundaries. If the mother has issues as well, this puppy could end up with some serious problems.
Again, consult an expert. Consider weaning and separating the two, and work on socializing the puppy as well as correcting the mother's behavior. Good luck!

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