miniature dachshund puppies

My miniature dachshund just had puppies. We are unable to see a vet due to financial reasons. I had a few questions because this is my first pure breed liter and I want to do things right. First, how old do the pups have to be before I can start worming them and the mother? How often and quantity for each dose? I don't want to give them too much and it be fatal. Secondly, how old do they have to be before they get their first vaccines? I need to know if I have to do this before I sell them so I can tell the new owners everything they need to know. Lastly, how old do the pups have to be before I can sell them?

Asked by Member 1153547 on Feb 4th 2013 in Vaccinations
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UGH! These are all things you MUST know before even considering breeding.
I don't care HOW you do it but you NEED to get all the pups & mama to a vet. NOW!!
You can NOT substitute internet strangers for a vet.
Pups should NEVER (by law in some areas) go to new homes before 8 weeks old, ideally 12 weeks. By that point they will be checked by a vet, had at least 2 sets of shots & the proper deworming. You should have had homes lined up for these pups before you bred her. You should also be willing to be responsible for every pup for their entire life. That means if there is an issue with a pup..even 5 years down the road, that dog comes back to YOU!!
Spay your are NOT a breeder.

Member 904338 answered on 2/4/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Seriously?! Get your animals to the vet! Breeding takes money! I bet you didn't even get your parents health tested either. What if your puppies get sick? Just going to let them die due to lack of funds? UGH! And you can't legally sell your puppies til they are at least 8 weeks old. Do you at least know about weaning? keeping the puppies warm? What about socializing? SPAY your dog so this doesn't happen again! Ridiculous really! The shelters don't need anymore dogs.

Obi answered on 2/4/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Well, first of all... Congrats to ur new litter of pups:)
Pups shouldn't go home till at least 8 weeks but I would keep them till 10 weeks just to make sure they r ok. And for the deworming part, well I'm not quite sure about that one:( I should really get ur pups to the vet soon to make sure they r all healthy:)
I would not recommend breeding ur dog again just because most pups end up in shelters:(
I don't think there is anything wrong with breeding, but there r just so many ruthless breeders out there that just breed for the money. I don't think ur a bad breeder I think ur smart for asking this question. I hope that I gave u some advice:) don't listen to those people that put u down for breeding ur dog. It's not ur fault that u didn't know. Oh we'll we all learn from our mistakes right? Enjoy the pups before they r gone:)

Lucy answered on 2/4/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Lucy... responsible breeders DO NOT BREED ANYTHING before they have the answers this poster is asking. It is criticially important that this female AND her pups visit a vet immediately to make sure everything is okay.
In MOST states pups cannot leave their litter and mother until they are 8 weeks old AND have a veterinarian signed health certificate. This is the law, in fact, in my state it is illegal to even give them away without vaccinations and a health certificate signed by a licensed vet.
No responsible breeder would EVER even think of breeding without a minimum of $1000 put away to raise and vet the pups...
just a small example of what can and does go wrong...if your female did not get checked she can likely have retained afterbirths which will get infected and kill both her and the nursing pups. Small breeds like dachshunds also frequently get enclampsia... this is also fatal if not treated both to the mother AND the pups.
She needs to see a vet now!!!!

Member 641257 answered on 2/4/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer