MERRICK GRAIN FREE DOG FOOD. I have a 4 yr old lab/pit mix

I have a 4 yr old lab/pit mix and have been feeding him purina his whole life. I knew this food was bad so i switched him recently to MERRICK GRAIN FREE because I heard it was a very good food. I did gradually throughout about a month and a half switch him over little by little. and now for a month hes been only on merrick. since then he has had bad gases, his teeth and breath seem to be changing in a bad way, and he goes to the bathroom like 7 times a day . he also is always crying and seems like his stomach hurts because his gases and sometimes diarrhea although most times it is firm not runny. he had a loose stool inside the house and i dont know wat is wrong with him! the only positive change i see is i guess he has more energy because he wants to play more and hes bored when i dont play with him and cries alot but i dont know if it because of boredom or pain. also he is shedding less. is their better food than MERRICK? what should i do???

Asked by Member 1210376 on Jan 19th 2014 Tagged food, merrick, grainfree, lap, pit in Food & Nutrition
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Gosh that is quite the problem... I've been feeding my dog for a little over a month now and I haven't had any major problems with the food. I've noticed my dog has a little bit of runny poo with it, but my vet says it's a really good food and it'll stabilize eventually. Have you seen a vet about this?

Another great food that is of a high quality is EarthBorn Holistic. It's what I was feeding my dog originally but I switched him to Merrick because he has a bad habit of not wanting to eat (he's extremely picky...) but I've been considering switching back because I really really really trust that brand.

Hopefully that helps!

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