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Merle, Brindle and Piebald Miniature Pinschers do exist. The Harlequin Pinscher Association is a registry that has shows

I always come across people saying that there is no such thing as pure bred brindle, merle or piebald Miniature Pinschers. This is not true. It is a fairly new breed established in 2007. They are referred to as Harlequin Pinschers- which is just the fancy name for our fancy min pins. (We know they are not actually harlequin in marking) Yes, there is a one time cross with a merle, brindle or piebald Rat terrier in the beginning. 7 generations of hard work and breeding the marked offspring back to a solid min pin and boom: a 99% DNA proven merle, brindle or piebald Miniature Pinscher that we refer to as a Harlequin Pinscher. Its the same as every other pure bred dog in the world that has markings, those were introduced into the breed as well in the beginnings sometime down the line. There are many different kinds of dogs that arent accepted by AKC, even dilutes because some breeders wont test for alopecia. Just because AKC doesnt accept a certain breed, doesnt mean its not a pure bred.

Asked by Apollo ~ Harlequin Pinscher on Jul 17th 2011 Tagged brindles, merles, piebalds, minpins, harlequins, miniaturepinscher, breeds, markings in Miniature Pinscher
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Bruno CGC

Erm... did you have a question? If not, this doesn't belong here, it goes in the forums, groups, or on your profile.

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