Me and my dog moving abroad?

Me and my dog are moving to another non English speaking country to live with my non English speaking family. How do I get her used to a 'new pack' and possibly re-teach English commands in another language. She is a smart and obedient girl, but anxious with new people. It takes her a little while to get used to them, but when she does - she's your best pal for ever. We have moved once before and it went well, with no problem at all. I'm just worried, because this time we are not moving to a new empty home, but to someone else's house, she have never met them people and they speak 'funny' too.
Please share any tips, advice or ideas. I would be very grateful. I want to do everything I can to ease it for my baby Molly. She is 1.8 years English springer & field spaniel cross.
Thank you loads.

Asked by Molly on May 12th 2013 in Other Behavior & Training
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You say she's smart and able to adopt very well before then the previous experience may help her with new environment, she should pick up new commands. Maybe before the actual meeting with the people there, you should let her sniff some of their things like used clothes so your dog will be familiar with their scents. First time meeting them in a happy and neutral place like the yard (with treats) can somewhat help too on her easy settling down. Best of luck on your moving..

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