Maltese dogs barks at other dogs during walks


My one year old maltese gets worked up whenever she sees other dogs during a walk. She will stare them down and start barking and try to run after them. I did a puppy obedience course and he said to distract her and walk away and then walk back once she was calm. I've been doing that (and making noises like "eh eh") but she still is worked up and tries to go after them.

It seems like she is insecure - once she has sniffed the dog, subsqequent sightings don't illicit any response from her. Any help is appreciated - I am training her to be "quiet" when she barks inside but outside (tell her "quiet" and once she is quiet, give her lots of praise - maybe I need to add a special treat too), she just doesn't listen. I don't want her to be a yappy little dog! (she mostly barks at huge dogs too!)

Asked by Haley on Apr 23rd 2010 Tagged puppybarksatdogsduringwalks in Barking
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Keep working her like the man said that is the right thing to do. But, at some point you have to stop.when this occurs I stop everything is boring. They must sit or lay down quietly. Quiet brings reward I use meat, ham, beef, cheese, chicken ect.. all of those high rewards bring the best response.
If not then pick the most rewarding thing your dog loves like a ball or a toy. Use what the dog loves best. When you stop moving the dog has to do what you want it to and all things are boring when she stops then movements can be a reward as well.
Work first far from dogs then slowly close in over months of time. Soon she will stop because she will learn and learn that bad behaviors make a boring thing happen. Be patient it will come in time. :) good luck.

Dieta answered on Apr 24th.

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Get a martingale collar -- it's part collar part choke. What this does is every time you make a correction (aka pull on the leash) it creates a noise that the dog learns is a correction to their behavior. We use one with our dog and he has responded incredibly well. We have also done Petsmart classes - and have spoken to multiple trainers (not just thru Petsmart) and they all highly recommend that collar.

You need to be confident when correcting her. Dogs are very in-tune with our emotions and can tell when we get frustrated. Consistancy is key.

Try incorporating more socialization with trying the martingale collar (placed right up behind her ears) -- or you can try a gentle leader WITH the martingale collar ---- so using 2 different leashes and collars. I saw this technique on 'It's Me or the Dog' tv show and worked well. If you use treats, make it one every 4 times you work with her in training so she doesn't just respond when given treats. Good luck hope this helps!!!

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