Looking for advice on cervical spinal cord lesion (C1-C5) on dog. Wobblers or Spinal Tumor?

My 87 pound mixed breed boy, Decker, has had on/off rear leg weakness since Nov. 2011. Dx. w/ Diabetes in Nov. 2011 - od'd for 6 weeks then went uncontrolled for 7 months. Blind 5/2012. Dx. hypothyroidism, 6/2012, diabetes came under control after dx. Drunk walk and nail scraping started 5/2012. Thought symptoms were result of uncontrolled dm and low thyroid. Hoped they would resolve with controlled dm & thyroid meds. Got worse in Sept/Oct - Saw neuro 10/2012 - Said wobblers, IVDD, inflammatory, stroke, or tumor. Gave gabapentin for pain. Mobility took a nose dive - front legs knuckled badly, causing a lot of forward falling. Called neuro - refused treatment w/out dx. Called GP vet and got metacam in Nov. 2012. Upset tummy and didn't help much. Dec. 2012 called neuro again and was again refused treatment. Called GP vet and asked for steroids. Started pred in 12/2012. Still some weakness/dragging/crossing in rear legs. Front leg knuckling stopped. Added tramadol.

Asked by Member 1149276 on Jan 10th 2013 in Health & Wellness
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