Looking for a responsible shiba breeder after losing our Toefew of 13 years. Any advice, live near Harrisburg PA.

Asked by Member 1102991 on Mar 29th 2012 in Shiba Inu
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Bruno CGC

Hi there! So sorry about the loss of your Toefew. I bet he was a special pooch.

First place to look would be the National Shiba Club of America at . They have breeder listings and info about how to pick a good Shiba breeder. It's a great resource for Shiba lovers. They also link to regional Shiba clubs.

Another place to ask would be a Shiba-centric forum like this one:

Keep in mind, you may not find a good breeder in your town or even your state. It's better to drive or even ship a well-bred puppy from a good breeder than buy a poorly-bred or puppymill puppy closer to home.

Good luck!

Bruno CGC answered on 3/29/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer