Leash chewing

While training my 3 month old puppy on leash for example sit and come he chews on the buckle of his leash or his leash. Even if i tell him NO or cover the buckle with my hand he bites my hand or just continues to bob his head around to get to it somehow. This makes training impossible. How cn i break him of this?? He constantly chews on everything especially metal. HELP!!!

Asked by Henry on Jan 7th 2009 in Behavior & Training
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He isn't listening to your 'no' command because he probably doesn't really understand what it means. If he goes to bite the metal, touch him in the neck on the other side and tell him 'no'. The touch will tell him that whatever he is doing is unwanted by you, and since it is on the other side of where his head would be, it will kind of snap him out of trying to chew on the buckle because now there is something else to pay attention to. Putting your hand there will only give him something else to bite on, as he has done, so try not to do this, if you can. Have you tried just pulling on the leash when he bites at it? If he is biting the metal, you obviously want to be careful not to hurt his teeth, but even a small tug to shake it out of his grasp and a firm 'no' could be helpful to him. You can also try re-directing what you are doing by simply walking off with him and trying something else. If he goes to bite, tell him 'no' and get up and walk him to another part of the room, or wherever you are at and then proceed with your training. Make sure to reward him when he DOES do what you want him to do so he knows the difference between bad and good. Please message me if you have any more questions and let me know how he does. Best of luck.

Sergeant answered on 1/7/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


One he could be teething maybe he likes the taste of the meatle. Are dog used to do the same thing we broke him of the habbit bye every time he chewed on the leashe we would flip the leash in the air so it would give him a little nudge on the mouth it doesn't hurt it just gets their attion. when u do this say firmly "NO" eventually he should stop. if this doesn't work put something nasty tasteing on the meatle part. like hot sauce.

Member 779238 answered on 1/7/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Thats interesting, most dogs try to avoid metal at all costs! lol They generally hate the feeling on their teeth.
I know this was not the best training method.. and had I known better when I was younger I probably wouldnt have done it but ANNNYWAY... enough of my disclaimer. Close your ears and eyes.
When my Ridgeback was a puppy and got into leash chewing fits, (not that she was ever big on it) after a while of telling her NO and trying to pull the leash out of her mouth and it not working (AKA playing tug which dogs love to play.. ) Instead I thought of the leash more as a bit (like what goes in a horses mouth) and would hold on to each end coming out of her mouth and actually PUSH it back into her mouth, like across her mouth as if she was holding a stick or something. She QUICKLY learned that chewing on a leash was just not worth it. She always let go right away. Im not advising anybody to try this method. Im just saying I came up with it and it worked.

Stormy answered on 1/7/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer