Labradors barking

My 2 choc labs (18 mnths) have started barking a lot in the mornings. They bark at each other and loudly play wrestle. I am worried it will upset neighbours as it is happening at dawn. I have tried going out and telling them off but I don't want them to associate barking with me appearing as they are not barking for me but just at each other. I have snuck out to watch them and they are not waiting at the door but just playing with each other. When I am outside or about the house they do t bark like this, even though it is not directed at me. They are happy dogs who get walked daily, lots of love and have happily slept outside (in kennels and under shelter, mild climate) since we had them. I have heard of automatic ultrasonic device that are sound activated. Would anyone recommend using one or any other ideas?

Asked by Member 1195652 on Oct 22nd 2013 Tagged barking, labradors, ultrasonic in Behavior & Training
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Tasha (in memory)

Your dogs are just teenagers and acting as such. Perhaps changing their feeding routine to earlier will change their behavior? If they are up at 6 a.m. to eat, they will probably be settled when others in your area are waking and getting ready for their day. If you know the neighbors, you can ask them if they heard anything and get the dogs a couple of jolly egg toys to roll around the yard as well. Woof to the world ^_^

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