Just rescued a dog;breed unknwn. 1 yr,7 lbs,black w very few white markings, wiry non-shedding coat, longtail,nat'l ears

Dog as long snout, no wispy whiskers; long skinny legs. very friendly to dogs, cats and people, low barking profile. Smart, learns quickly. What is your best guess as to the breed? I was told possibly Yorkie/poodle, but I don't see those.

Asked by Member 1148326 on Jan 5th 2013 in Breeds
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too bad you dont have a picture of him up here...he dosent shed?...i would say poodle/jack russle?...they shed but there hair is so short and mixed with poodle they may not shed so much for anyone to notice??if you get a picture of him i can maby give you a better guess...

tessa answered on 1/7/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer