I've read that Goats milk helps puppies from all ages. I want to start my pup on it. Should I use the puppy goats milk I

I've read another article, or post, that a women feeds her German Shepherd two cups a day. I want to know what kind of milk she uses. And what exactly is safe for a large puppy. Pure Breed Great Pyrenees.

Asked by Kubah on Feb 19th 2013 in Food & Nutrition
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The best thing to stick with is the pup's mother's milk that have important nturients and antibiotics that is fit for the pup, do humans choose to feed on dog milk when human can drink human milk that is suited for the exact same species? NO, so why should you feed a dog goat milk if you have access to the pup's mother's milk? goat milk is 2nd alternative in a situation that the pup's mother's milk is not available.

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