Is treating your dog like a baby damaging to the dog?

Cesar Milan always says that babying your dog is not good. But I cannot see treating Tiffy any other way. She gets held, rubbed, and loved all day long. If you know her, you will know that she is naturally just a big baby. Will this be bad in the long run?

She is very well mannered and trained. She knows what she can and can't do and get away with.

Asked by ♥Tiffy♥ on Jan 29th 2008 Tagged human, baby in Socialization
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It really depends upon the dog. As long as a dog exhibits proper behavior and obedience- love them all you like! All animals needs love.

Just be careful. Dogs are still DOGS. They are not children- they are animals with teeth, claws, and predatory instincts. We have only helped them adapt to human life. They still have the same mind and brain (potential) that a wolf has. We need to respect them for that.

All dogs need some form of authority in their life. Otherwise the dog will become unfocused and lazy in the long run. I treat Joey like one of my friends. I talk to him in a controlled voice that represents authority- yet I respect him at the same time. We've reached a perfect balance that works for us.

Just keep an eye on the treats and don't baby her TOO MUCH. Dogs ARE like children in the sense that without proper exercise and discipline, they will be poorly rounded. Train with her every day and make sure she does as she is told. This will help remind her that YOU are in charge

answered on Jan 29th.

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There is a difference between loving your dog and loving them too much. It's fantastic to love your dog. But love them in the right way. Love them like a child but treat them like a dog.

If your dog is well behaved, knows basic manners when it comes to interacting with other people and dogs, listens and is attentive to you in public, and is adaptable and well socialized, then "spoiling" isn't a problem. The problem arises when the dog is able to make the rules, doesn't respect the owner, and generally just misbehaves because it has gotten away with it in the past. By treating the dog like a baby doll, it is possible to build expectations into the dog so that when those expectations are not met, the dog becomes reactive.

A good goal for all pet owners to aim towards is the CGC/CGN certification. It outlines basic behaviours that every dog should be able to perform. If your dog can't do that, then you should be aware that there are some issues that need to be worked on.

Gio answered on 1/29/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Haus R.I.P. my boy I miss you

Well Tiffy's mom there is a limit 2 what is treating your dog like a child&spoiling her ROTTEN!I,as many people know,am a Vet TEch I see so many sick dogs that come in&need 2 B hospitalized,dogs that are very very sick,&they can not handle the hospitalization.They don't eat they cry&scream&bark.They have messes in their cage,they drool&get so stressed that they have a hard time recovering&it takes them twice as long.So on that note it truely is important for U 2 set limits 4 yourself so this doesn't happen 2 your dog.If u want a child have a child,if you want a dog buy a dog.I love my dogs and I think of them as a very speccial part of my life but they have learned 2 respect me &I have respect for them.This is something to keep in mind for the next time u think that putting her in a crate is cruel-teach her proper crate habits so if she does get sick&needs 2 stay in the Vet hospital she will be calm&look forward to getting better.I'm not attacking u just putting it in a different light

Haus R.I.P. my boy I miss you answered on 1/29/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I think for some dogs it's probably not bad, I know if I treated Koda like a baby he would walk all over me and probably have gotten aggressive. I know quite a few pet owners that baby their dog and they expect you to treat their dog like a baby too. If I did that in front of my dog he would not regard me as "the boss" anymore. I spoil Koda like nobodys business but I'm always the boss and what I say goes. He'll test me every chance he gets it's just in his nature. So I guess it depends on your dog.

Koda answered on 1/29/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


If she's well-mannered, then I'd think what you're doing is fine. It comes down to whether the dog is the dominant one or not, and Tiffy doesn't sound like she is.

Every breed of dog is different, so you can't approach every dog the same way; some breeds are tougher to train than others. Cesar is probably referring to the more independent breeds that would respond to babying by asserting dominance.

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