Is this early signs of severe separation anxiety? Will she grow out of it?

In the mornings I bring 11 week old pup & her kennel that we use at home (which she does really well with) to my in-laws house. I will potty her before I leave - which she's been really good with the "potty" cue and then at 11:30 I will come back and let her out. She's in her kennel at tops for 4 hours - if that - but she still pees. I haven't yelled at her once for peeing in the kennel, because I haven't caught her in the act, so it wouldn't make sense. I have made the space in her kennel smaller - but apparently that didn't work either.

For the past two weeks - before work got started up again - we did leave the kennel/crate door open. When we're home, she doesn't mind her kennel. We actually caught her going to her kennel to take a nap and chill. I don't think it's the fact that she doesn't like it. Could be though.

I'm pretty sure, from what I've read so far, she's got some serious separation issues. She hasn't gone as far as hurting herself but I think she's down that path.

Asked by Member 1082167 on Jan 5th 2012 in Housebreaking
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It is possible that she is just too stressed when.she is alone and pees. Are there any other signs of sep anx? Constant barking? ask a neighbor maybe.
Where did you get her from? If she is from a place where she was crated long term then she could have just got used to peeing on herself in the crate. Most likely from a petstore or a rescue would do this but some "breeders" aren't as good as they say.

Koda answered on 1/5/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Four hours is just too long for a puppy who isn't even three months old yet. The general rule of thumb is one hour for one month, and that is stretching it with young puppies like her.
She is, most likely, quiet and calm at home during the night and when she gets up in the morning she needs to burn off all that energy. Spending another four hours in the crate is just too much for a baby like her.
I would suggest trying to find a puppy daycare if possible and let her spend the morning there.
Separation anxiety is normally not a problem with is something that affects older, more mature dogs. She is protesting because she is spending too much time crated and not enough time playing and exploring and being a puppy.
You're right about yelling at her, good job! But, even if you CATCH her doing it, yelling is only going to upset her and make her fear you. Immediately take her outside and praise her when she finishes outside.

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