Is there such a thing as Canine Autism?

I think my dog exhibits symptoms like that seen in humans who have autism, or similar psychiatric condition. Can a dog be autistic and if so, how do you treat it? Thank you so much!

Asked by Ginny on Oct 5th 2008 Tagged mental, psychiatric, autism, behavior in Other Health & Wellness
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I tried searching fur it on google but they don't have it. How old is your dog? Puppies are sometimes more immature then other puppies. What does your dog do that is weird?

Max answered on 10/5/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


As a canine behaviorist and trainer for 20 years, and having worked with about 8,000 dogs, I can tell you that dogs definitely can exhibit autistic tendencies just as humans do. I currently have a dog who I would term "high-functioning autistic." He is a 12-year-old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. He's always been "different," and I now attribute this to canine autism. He relates to his world in a much different way from other dogs. His reactions are also much different from "normal." He's a nice dog, and fairly "happy" in his world, but he in no way acts, learns, or works like a typical Swissy. He is very much more like autistic children I've known. Dr. Marty Goldstein, who is Martha Stewart's holistic vet, has done some work on canine autism. You could query him about it. As for treating it, I see no reason for any treatment, as long as the dog can function or be managed in a safe way. Just realize he's not going to be as good at making decisions as a normal dog.

Member 781264 answered on 12/18/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer