Is there any way to stop epileptic seizures?

A little bg info-Shadow is my 80 lb black lab,diagnosed with epi a year ago.He is currently on Pheno only- 2 whole tabs in the am, 1 1/2 for his last 2 daily doses-I think they are 60 or 6 grain.Currently,he averages a seizure every 5-7 days.I am usually here to deal with them,however,I have oral surgery coming up soon,and,unfortunately,jury duty within the next 2 months.(I say unfortunately about the jury stuff cos I really dont want to leave him alone,and cant afford a sitter) So I am trying to find something else to ward off seizures,forever preferably,but I am starting small here.Any foods,herbs,supplements out there that may lessen the chances of this horrible disease attacking him while I am gone? Thank you! Shadow's mom,Mindi

Asked by Shadow on Dec 4th 2012 Tagged epi, seizures, labrador in Other Health & Wellness
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Sadly, there is no miracle to stop a dog from having seizures, but they can be controlled with medication. If you guy is still having seizures then his medications need to be adjusted. There are other drugs used in combination with the phenobarbital or sometimes the amount or frequency needs to be adjusted. Normally bloodworm done immediately AFTER a seizure can shed more light on his optimal pheno levels necessary for better control.
If your vet doesn't seem willing to pursue trying additional drugs or better dosing levels I would suggest a second opinion. There are also things such as certain foods, odors, etc., which can trigger seizures in an epileptic dog. There is a group on Dogster with more information about these triggers.
Since epilepsy is often hereditary in labs I hope you have contacted his breeders so the can stop breeding his parents. Responsible breeders want to know this as there currently is no DNA testing available to identify carriers.
Good luck!

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