Is there any way I can make my Bichon frise more social? she became antisocial and nervous towards other dogs

she became antisocial and nervous towards other dogs when 4 malteses attacked her, then my mom started to pick her up everytime a dog came near to her. Now, always wants to be picked up, I don't do it but then she gets nervous and starts growling and trying to run :( is there anyway someone could help me?

Asked by Jazmin "Jazz" on Jun 26th 2013 Tagged bichonfrise, bichon, behaviour, antisocial, attacked in Behavior & Training
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Yeah... your mom kind of encouraged her fear. By getting nervous and picking her up every time another dog was around, it told her that it wasn't a one-time thing and other dogs must really be scary and dangerous.

You'll want to work on desensitizing her to the presence of other dogs and trying to get her to take treats when they're around, turning it into a positive thing. The other dog may have to be at a considerable distance to begin with. Just enough so she notices them, but not close enough that she tries to run. A dog obedience class with a trainer is a good place to do this (if there's room). Or if you have any friends with calm, well-trained dogs that are willing to help out that works too.

Arya answered on Jul 2nd.

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When you meet new dogs, familiarize yourself with both dogs at the same time. Pet them both, while restraining them both, along with your fellow dog owner. This definitely needs to be a group effort.

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