Davey Dog

Is there a way to search only my pup pals list?

I'd like to be able to use the advanced search function, limited to my pup pal list, instead of all Dogster dogs. I'd like to be able to search for information such as how many of my pup pals are Labs, or other breeds, how many are shelter dogs, how many live in a specific state, etc It would also be a convenient way to find a specific pup pal when you want to check up on them. I don't want to add 50 dogs' Dogster links in my Favorites list in my Browser. If there is an existing way to limit the search to just your pup's pup pal list, I haven't found it. Thanks and Woof!

Asked by Davey Dog on May 28th 2009 Tagged search, advanced search, pup pal list in Pup Pals
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