Is there a product to help with Waste clean up and odor control?

I'm moving into a very small house with a tiny backyard that will require daily pickup after my standard poodle. I will also have two cats. I'm not sure what to do to avoid the build up of waste odors so as not to irritate myself, or the too close neighbors. I've read about a product called "Lucky Champ Litter Champ" wish is supposed to triple layer seal cat litter to avoid odor. I don't know if I could also use this for the dog messes or not. I was also half wondering about diaper genies which are supposed to compact and seal infant diapers. I don't know if that would work either.

Does anyone have any suggestions for containing waste odors in a small space?

Asked by Member 1100547 on Mar 17th 2012 in Odor Eliminators
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I have used a diaper genie outside at someone's house and it worked well for keeping odors contained, but sure smelled bad when I opened it! As long as you keep the bag twisted, hopefully you won't get a face full of stink. You might also try baking soda. It is a neutralizer and might help absorb some of the odors. Sprinkle it on and see if it helps. It won't hurt the pets either.

Wyatt answered on 3/20/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer