Is there a low protein/low fat small bite kibble?

My eldest dog (13yrs in march) needs to go on low fat/low protein diet. She loves those wooden puzzles and stuff but the kibbles I'm finding for low fat/low protein don't fit and don't cut in half cleanly (just crumble or won't break)

She likes the Burns small bite but its 21% protein and 11% fat or something. I wanted her to try the mixer but she's not interested. Only other one she will eat dry is F4D small bite weight control only 7% fat but 22% protein, is this too high for pancreatitis? even if she only has small amount a day as treats?

I thought surely someone would make a small bite kibble for small elderly dogs? I'm sure toy dogs get old too and need less protein/fat (or get IBS etc in old age)



Asked by Member 1198507 on Nov 9th 2013 Tagged ibs, pancreatitis, lowfat, lowprotein, smallbitekibble in Pet Food
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Tasha (in memory)

Take a look at Natural Choice weight management small breed food in the hot pink bags. If that doesn't float your boat, there are vet diets made by companies like Royal, and you can get a prescription bag from your vet. If the pieces are too big for your bred down mini (which causes health problems like this), you can dice them in a blender. ^_^

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