Is pink-eye or conjunctivitis contagious among dogs?

I am currently treating my puppy for pink-eye using an artificial tears solution. It looks less red than it did last night.

Asked by Cherry on Feb 23rd 2013 in Health & Wellness
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Pink eye is a general term used to describe irritated and reddened eye linings, or conjunctivitis. It can be the result of allergies or irritations caused by dust, pollen, injury, etc., OR can be the result of infections by either bacteria or viruses.
If it is caused by the former, it IS NOT contagious, but any bacterial or viral infection would be very contagious to other dogs.
Furthermore, if your dogs conjunctivitis is caused by an external factor such as allergy, pollen, dust, etc., it is very possible that your artificial tears can make it feel better, HOWEVER, if it is from infection, it will only make it feel better, it WILL NOT CURE it and your dog needs a veterinary exam and ophthalmic antibiotic drops or ointments prescribed by them to cure the problem and protect his eyesight.
Any eye problem accompanied by a yellowish or greenish discharge indicates serious infection and you dog needs to visit a vet ASAP to be treated.

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