Is peanut butter good for dogs? with or without nuts?

I have heard tht dogs can have npeanut butter but i just want to double check. Can they have the nuts that come in with the peanut butter? yes i knw tht they do sell peanut flavord dog rawhids, but can i put the actual peanut butter (with or without nuts?) on his rawhide? soory i feel kinda stupid askin this question :( my dog is a small-meduim sized rat terrier

Asked by Member 838215 on May 21st 2009 Tagged peanutbutter, safe, nuts in Treats
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Yes, it is a common Kong stuffer. I always used the crunchy since that was what I had to eat myself.

Just don't over do it. It isn't the complete and balanced diet a kibble provides.

Even a small dog can tear off a piece of rawhide and swallow it. it then swells and may choke the dog or block its digestive tract.

Aster answered on May 22nd.

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A lot of people I know give their dogs peanut butter in Kongs and the dogs are fine. I can't give peanut butter to my dog because he gets really bad diarrhea from it.
It is a great food to put in a Kong though. Takes dogs a long time to get it out.
Maybe give your dog a small taste of it, wait a few hours, keep an eye on him/her and make sure there's no allergic reaction and if not, then you're probably in the clear.

Member 768404 answered on 5/21/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 4 Report this answer