Is my Shiba Inu a purebred?

She is 6 months old and 10 lbs. I mostly wonder if she is purebred (like i was told) because of her coloring and the shape of her head. To me her head is a tad skinny for all the pictures iv seen of purebred shibas. Shes still my baby either way but it would be nice to know other peoples opinions. click on my profile for more pictures of her!

Asked by Chevy on Nov 16th 2013 Tagged shibainu, purebred, puppy in Shiba Inu
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I definitely see Shiba in her but she seems smaller than the shibas I've seen and I've never seen a white one. The shibas I have seen are a tan/fawn color.

Sandy answered on 12/23/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer