Is my puppy too dominant?

I have a 4 mOnth old Siberian husky. He is very friendly with people and animals but we started taking him to the dog park and noticed how dominant he tries to be with other dogs. He is usually determined to get them to roll over or he stops playing. He will also whimper like he is hurt if a dog shows more dominance even though the dog is just trying to play the same way he does. My main concern is that he would become aggressive later on. Any pointers?

Asked by Member 1132714 on Sep 26th 2012 Tagged dominance in Socialization
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It is very rare that a dog is truly "dominant"- that is more of a human behavior. It sounds like normal puppy play to me.

Knnick answered on 9/26/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Hi, I have a 3 year old Siberian Husky as seen in the pic to your left....I have done a lot of research on the breed. The way you pup is acting is completely normal, however you can take some steps to make sure his dominance doesnt get bad in the future. Huskies are incredibly strong headed, very smart dogs. And the dominance comes from wanting to be the pack leader or "alpha" male. They say when and if you have them spayed/neutered it will slow down the dominance also. But if you have a family just make sure everyone in the family has a part in training him so that you all are "alpha" And sometimes until they learn otherwise you aren't even suppose to let a husky on the couch with you because then they will feel equal to you instead of knowing you are and always will be "alpha" Other then that just socialize him
as much as you can with other dogs, children etc. while he is young and he should eventually get the point and grow up to be a beautifully smart behaved pup.

Mika answered on 9/26/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer