Is my puppy a goldendoodle or labradoodle?

I bought Bear from a breeder thinking he was a goldendoodle when he was about 5 weeks old, now he is 8 weeks. I love him so much! But his hair doesn't fit the descriptions that I've read about goldendoodle pups. It's a bit wiry and scruffy. He's adorable regardless! But I would just like to hear some input to ease my confusion.

Here is a link to a photo of him or you can look at my profile photo:

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Since either a lab/poodle mix OR a golden/poodle mix is a mixed breed, there is no way to predict how the coat will end up in the resulting puppies. I have seen both with short, coarse hair, longer, wirey hair, and/or long poodle type hair.
Whether your dog is a labrador/poodle mix or a golden retriever/poodle mix completely depends on whether one parent was a labrador or a golden retriever, not how their coat ends up. If one parent is a poodle and the other is a labrador retriever, then it is a labrador retriever/poodle mix, if one parent is a golden and the other is a poodle, then it would be a golden retriever/poodle mix, and either of these mixes can end up with any type of coat depending how the genes fall.

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Keep in mind this is his puppy coat. By one year he will have his adult coat which may be a different texture and even a slightly different color.

My neighbors Labradoodle had black ringlets as a puppy, but changed to a dark grey with loose waves.

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